Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UCL: MU vs Marseille

Salam n hye all...


GOAL! United 1-0 Marseille (Hernandez 5') Rooney sweeps a fine ball out wide to Giggs and then scampers into the box to receive the return pass. He then sends a cross-cum-shot across the six-yard box and Hernandez, as predicted, had eluded the attentions of Heinze and sidefoots easily into the net from close range.

A fine half. United came out all guns blazing but have been pegged back for much of the last 20 minutes and would have been behind if not for two appalling finishes by OM. The French are very much in this game, though United are alos looking menacing on the counter-attack. "Paul, am I right in thinking that Andre Ayew is the son of Abidi Pele, the ex-OM player," wonders Loig Thivend. Yes, as is Jordan Ayew, who's on the bench tonight.

Analysis from Eddie Munro "United's front three are exciting, pacey, immature, panicky. They keep losing possession which is putting pressure on the legs of Giggs and Scholes and the inexperienced/unfamiliar back four. Marseille will start the second half slow and lift the pace when United tire completely in the final 20 minutes. This game seems very similar to the 2-2 with Porto in 2009. Lucho was playing that night as well."

Souness and McLaren are damning of United's defending. "They've got to get their act together," rages the Scot. "People don't understand the importance of communication," shays Schteve.

 .....................Second Half.................... 

GOAL! United 2-0 Marseille (Hernandez 75') And that is the sort of supreme predatory play that Marseille have been missing. Valencia flipped a fine ball through to Giggs, who slid a perfect low cross into the six-yard box and Hernandez, as is his wont, again got the jump on the defenders and tapped into the net. Signing of the season, that lad. 

p/s: to be continued........:D

UPDATED: final result, as it happened, United won 2-1...big thanx to Chicharito Hernandez.. sayang lebey la...hehe.. 

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