Sunday, July 1, 2012

Head-to-head of The Top..

hye all.....jom jenguk2 stats jap sempena Final Euro 2012 nie..well, definitely about the world's top two goalkeepers..hehe...cilok dari ye...;)

Tadaa.....Mr. Gianluigi Buffon & Mr. Iker Casillas...hemsem tak..??? lalalalala...

The stats make interesting reading – across the tournaments, the duo have near-identical minutes-per-goal-conceded ratios: Casillas is on 166 minutes and 36 seconds, with Buffon on 166 minutes and 24 seconds.

What is clear without statistics is that both are excellent goalkeepers, capable of turning it on for the big matches and – crucially – of keeping concentration when untested for large swathes of a tournament.

How they perform will be vital to their teams’ hopes – but the chances are that neither will let their country down. 

Amek kau.....sama-sama mantap tu...jadi kita tunggu dan lihat aje la pagi esok ye....:)

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