Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DVB is always the best!!

hye all..

tonite another story of DVB..sorry guys..dah lama x story mory pasal dia..dan tetiba lak dapat tgk one of his best performance..miss all of his performance during his time with MU..huhu..da very superb corner kick from him..enjoy..!!

by the way, his daughter name is Harper Seven Beckham...huhu..what a name..nasib baek tak tambah twentythree as well...ape2 aje la, asal kamu bahagia ye abg david...muahaha..

Monday, July 11, 2011

DVB's happiness...

Saje nak share ngan korang..dah lama x post something related to him kan..jadinya nak la share this news with all his fans around the world...ahaks..!!


David Beckham and Victoria dah tambah ahli baru in da family since Victoria has given birth to a baby girl.. Congrats to them la..finally ade gak heroin dalam family after those three heros..macam mana la rupenya dat baby girl kan..nak tunjuk pic pun xde lagi..same2 la kita tgk nanti ye..

till then, c u guys..intai2 ler fb DVB kot2 ade pic nya..klu agak2 jumpa gambar baby tu nanti share la yer..muahaha..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Done with Practicum & Presentation..but..??

Assalamualaikum n hye all.. 

Alhamdulillah i have done my practicum and case presentation. well, i did not really know what i have presented actually..hehe...theories should be applied well with the case but for my case..?? err..there is theory but it still inadequate i think..need to improve more..huhu..

done with presentation, now need to settle all the report things and case write-up..dah lama nak kena setel sebenarnya..tapi baru malam tadi start buat betul2..ape nak jadi ntah..nie pun relax jap sblm sambung balik.. resting for a while with milo..muahaha..jom minum..:) 

in a nutshell, practicum experience was awesome but still lots need to be improve for my internship end of this month.