Wednesday, November 4, 2009

morning everybody...mesti korang pelik kn tgk aku pnye title entry..?? first, kepale ni tengah pening sebenarnya...sekarang ni final exam is just started..many things need to cover..lots of things need to settle...revision should be done and one more asaimen need to focus portfolio..huhuu..too serabut la nk buat portfolio ni..xde ker asaimen yg lagi simple..?? aduyai..please la anybody..,could u pls help me..?? hukhukhukhuk...chaiyok3 la nfs..u can do it..just one thing..after u may relax ur mind la...positive thinking is needed at this moment...:)) one element can't be separated of my mind even though there are lots of things for me to settle..hahaha...watching football match is compulsory thing..:D..this weekend, UNITED will face CHELSEA...huhuhu...very tough match i think..but before that, united need to focus on CSKA Moscow game for the champions league..hopefully, UNITED will win both games..additional boost is needed before facing Chelsea maa....but, certainly for sure, aku x boleh tgk dua2 matches..yelah kan, satu main di awal pagi hari..dan satu lagi game hujung minggu ni start lewat..aku x boleh tgk la sbb i have exam the next exam is more crucial ok...xpe la..asalkan united bley menang dlm game tu nanti..dah lame x tgk united menang lawan the big four..:)

erm.,sebenarnya kan..esok aku ade exam..testing n assessment in rest jap dari buat revision...hahhahaha...testing3..ntah ape la yg aku study ni..harap2 bley cover la esk..hehe...all the best la utk sume member2 n classmate yg amek subject ni...everything should be fine..:)

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