Friday, June 12, 2009

...frustrated..?? a bit la...

frust bercinta..?? la..sebenarnya pasal Ron move to Real...huhuhu..ekceli xde la frust sgt..,a lil bit la sbb dier kn one of the best players in da nk wat cam ne kan..dh dier nk move..maybe it's good for him and for the club.. there's pro's and con's in so many things...juz need to accept it..=) tp persoalannya skrg..,sape yg akn replace tmpt Ron..?? Karim Benzema, Frank Ribery, David Silva or Fabregas (perlu ker dia ni?)....??? ape2 pun SAF knows the best..maybe ade youngsters yg akn dibawa masuk to replace Ron..the most important thing he can play well and do well for the team..even MU will be more stronger without Ron...really looking forward to it..=D

Article from of Old Trafford legend Frank Stapleton;

Manchester United will become stronger if Cristiano Ronaldo does move to Real Madrid - that's the view of Old Trafford legend Frank Stapleton.

The Premier League champions have accepted an £80m bid from Real for Portugal winger Ronaldo, which would be a world record transfer fee should it go through.

Stapleton told Sky Sports News the decision will upset some fans but stressed that, as the high-profile departures of David Beckham and Ruud van Nistelrooy showed in 2003 and 2006 respectively, the club will march on.

"The finances are there," said Stapleton, who played for United from 1981-1987. "I'm sure they have looked around and they know who they want.

"The manager (Sir Alex Ferguson) won't have gone into this and said let's sell the player and then we'll look; they will have been looking for months and months.

"I'm sure a fair deal of that money will be used very, very quickly. Historically, when the top players have left Manchester United, the actual team hasn't been diminished in any way. It's gone on to be stronger again.

"I think the Champions League final will have opened Sir Alex's eyes as to what Manchester United need to do to stay top, not only in England but also in Europe."


Ronaldo was repeatedly linked with a move to the Spanish giants last year and Stapleton believes letting him go now may well prove the best thing to avoid another summer of speculation.

"It's an old saying that you don't keep an unhappy player," he said. "They had maybe a season when the player thought other things and maybe wasn't always focused but with his ability he's been able to get through and has still ended up as top-scorer at Old Trafford.

"I think the fans will be upset but they have had this before and they have learnt how to move on. The biggest thing of all is that they trust the manager; they trust him in the transfer market and they trust him with the players and they'll get over this fairly quickly.

"Some fans will be upset and other ones are going to say that it has always been the way that the club that if players are unsettled and they want to move, it's very rare that the club stands in their way."


Despite Ferguson's comment last December that he would not sell Real "a virus", Stapleton says he is not shocked by today's turn of events.

"I'm not really that surprised; for the last 12 months it has been one of those situations that has been accepted by the management a year ago to pacify Ronaldo.

"I think a deal must have been struck because during the last 12 months, speaking to a lot of supporters, they were all saying that they wouldn't be surprised to see him go this summer.

"People felt that an agreement was in place; the player then said he wanted to stay but with the team going for trophies I think that was to keep the press away from the story because people were getting fed up with it."

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