Wednesday, January 20, 2010

blurr is me for this week....!!

salam to all....
this week mmg aku teramat blurr...
sbb keje terlampau byk aku xtau nk setelkan yg mn dulu..

siang td ade seminar on counseling in malaysia..
byk gak dpt info yg berkaitan dgn profesion ni..

mlm sblmnya aku n kwn2 siapkn poster tuk seminar ni..
always last minutes work..hehehe....

within 4 hours dpt siapkn poster tu..alhamdulillah...
skrg ni ngh memeningkan kepala menyiapkan synthesis articles..
huhuhu..5 articles need to finish..

after dat, find d similar points and do d synthesis..
moshi2 to d articles lorr...
if there's no similarity in those articles,
i think i have to find another articles laa...
hohoho..too many things to settle....

another thing is preparation for my presentation tomorrow..
just finished my slide n hopefully i'll do good job tomorrow with my group members..

personal things happened dat made my life more complicates..
lalalala is happening now but i dunno what is it..trully sorry lorr....:((

p/s: sorry 4 grammatical still learning to minimize d mistakes..:)

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